Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87




She watched it fall from the sky,

Her love so powerful it could melt the darkest skies,

The Sun bow to her every word and yields to every motion,

In her world, she is a God,

Sadness does not,

exist in her dimension,

She laid there with a deep breath,

Watching the stars fall from heaven,

Counting each one on her hand,

Waiting for the perfect one to collide in a cylinder of dust,

And when it did, she watched the confetti fall again,

Her eyes widen in bliss and her heart did not feel heavy anymore,

Her body so light and ready to release,

She kissed the stars goodnight and told the moon I adore you,

She waited till the last of the confetti dropped from her beloved sky,

And closed her eyes waiting for the next night to arrive,

For she can again, share with the moon and stars secrets to each other.