The Hidden truth

Sleepless nights full of regret

For holding it all in

Waiting for the erosion

Of my mind to begin


My soul wanders aimless

Blind, lost and weak

A beautiful future

Now dark, lonely and bleak


Where do I look for courage

To find my voice

Is it too late?

Do I still have a choice?


Am I destined to be silent?

Nothing more than a mute

Unable to express

And emotionally irresolute


So now I just sit

In a dark corner and sigh

Looking for answers

To the how, when and whys


I hope the answers come soon

On why I don’t speak

Why I can’t express what I feel

And why I feel lonely and weak


Until I find the answers

I’ll just continue to cut

But I will hide my arms well

So nobody sees and thinks I’m a nut.