Citrus Runs Down Your Chin

Citrus runs down your chin,
I wipe it away,
Oh how I love you my friend,
Don\'t leave please stay,
I\'ll be a huge supporter until the end.

I love you more than anything,
Even if I yell,
You\'re better than me in many ways,
You\'re praises I\'ll constantly sing,
God has anointed you, with oil, angels played strings and heavy bells.

Don\'t think I don\'t like you,
Even if I say so,
You\'re gifted, blessed, you\'re teachers say so
You\'re respected, befriended, and you grew
Up so fast, now it\'s your time.

Don\'t let anything go to waste,
Drink the earth\'s nectar and consume it\'s grain,
Taste the oceans and absorb the plains,
Be reborn anew and send the rest for waste,
Be on stage, that\'s your place!