Aiden C.

Real World

Welcome to the real world,

where the wind pushes you off the edge.

In the air that’s where the massacres unfold;

When you hit the bottom,

and you start climbing back up,

the storm blows you right back down.

It sends you even deeper then you were before,

that’s where hell becomes reality.

Isn’t it fun to live in the world?

You can’t be yourself and

when you try so hard,

but one thing kicks all of it into the ground.

Where each day you are tested,

do you feel safe and sound?

You listen to the hurricane for answers,

but all it does is take your heart.

You are an individual, out of billions,

and we are all trying to do one thing:

once we pass, we want to leave a legacy,

something that defines us from the rest.

Yet, we are all the same greedy, power-hungry

animals who want to make money.

Welcome to the real world,

where hell will become your new life.