Past due

Memories of you tell me that I\'m still fucked
Emotionless and tired of games in my head
All the lies that you told me straight to my face
Probably shoulda known better than to trust
the devil in disguise
No happy endings and no goodbyes
I tried to be there for you thru thick and the thin
After everything bitch can\'t even call you my friend
Your hearts cold and I\'m feeling the burn
Shit I hope your new guy gets a turn
It\'s like your whole purpose was to destroy me and almost did
It\'s mind over matter when you\'re playing the games, I\'m not a kid
I won\'t fall for another fake smile or yours ever again
Shit since you been gone I\'ve learned to separate love from friends
Wasn\'t all for nothing cause you taught me a lot
But most of all you showed how to not need somebody and Tate that means a lot
I\'d say I forgive you for what you did but what hurts the most is I\'ve known you since we were kids
And well, you still have no guilt bout what you did
Sad to say...i thought I loved you
But you can\'t love someone who doesn\'t feel the same way
And that\'s my fault, I set myself up for failure
And I\'m sorry if I smothered you, that\'s my bad
It was just something so special that I never had
Shit girl you even helped me with issues with my dad, and you were even there for me when my life got out of hand
I feel like I\'m just going in circles with all this shit
It\'s been almost two years and I\'m not over this shit
Probably cause I never got the closure I needed but fuck it, one day my heart will stop bleeding into this bucket

I still hit you up from time to time just see how you\'ve been
I shouldn\'t really care but even ex\'s need friends
I really hope when you hear this song
You get punch to the gut, and realize just how bad fucked me up