\"Stuck\" And \"Here\"


Why do I try
Nothing is ever good enough
I\'m here but you shut me down
I guess I should be tough

Why should I care
You don\'t care about me
Not like I care about you
Why can\'t you ever see

Why give you who I am
You only tear me apart
I want to walk away
But with you I\'m never smart

Why be on your side
I\'m only in the shadow
I cry alone at night
Somehow it doesn\'t show

Why do I pretend
That you might change your mind
You\'re all about her or him
I\'m always left behind

I\'m done with all this crap
You\'ll never see me here
I spill out all my love
But you just disappear

I say I\'m gonna leave
Can\'t make it through like this
But my heart just won\'t let go
I\'m stuck in this abyss

I\'m swirling down a drain
This pain will never end
You can\'t make up your mind
So here I go again



Do you see me?
Falling apart
Your broken heart
I\'ll never part.

Do you see me?
Making a mess
No one can guess
Am I much less?

Do you see me?
Holding you up
Filling the cup
Can I give up?

Do you see me?
Running to them
Me at your whim
Hitting the rim.

Do you see me?
Here all along
Singing your song
But I am wrong.

Do you see me?
Yelling your name
Never the same
Am I too blame?

Do you see me?
Shouldering you
Nothing is new
Will I be through?

Do you see me?
Blinded by past
Won\'t ever last
I\'m just a cast.

Do you see me?
All that is done
You would have won
Sight there is none.

Do you see me?
Tired of dark
Notice my spark
Please try to hark.

Do you see me?
Why should I try
Love is a lie
Just say goodbye.