Th3rd D3gr33

..My mind is naked to the public of the concrete. Though naked to the public but not naked to the public 3y3..

..all in the form of deceit. I feel as though I have found a glitch in the matrix. Imagining myself in the world of many..

..but in a sub-universe..

..in the world of the individual. One man..

..but in the 3y3s of others, I am massive in numbers..

..leaving the society group labeled \"normal\" in disbelief. Shall I seek..

..or give up defeat..

..sharing the knowledge recorded by the th3rd 3y3 when their pairs close..

..seeing nothing but darkness..

..and the truth must erode over the damaged brain of society..

..and operate. I shall stop the tape..

..when the society we once grew up in crumbles beneath us..

..as trouble defeats us..

..society must need us..