Fear has the power to make us run faster

Or altogether turn our feet into plaster

Write me down like a theatrical play

No matter how much I dread you, I convince myself to stay

Because it’s weird and it’s strange and out of the ordinary

Because the feelings of anger we share are mighty scary

Do they scare you?


Do they scare you?

Why would I push you into them if I didn\'t prepare you

Do they scare you?

I said

Do they scare you?

Answer me

I am not a missing person that you can’t see

I am here and alive

A greater knowledge that you drive

A greater force for you to strive

A power in which you thrive

I am frightening and new and even

I am everything you’ve learned to believe in

Bundled up and questioning

With every query you’ve been wrestling

Do they scare you?

No, not anymore

They closed your window so break down the door

Do they scare you?


Fear is no reason for you to cry

They scare me too I’ll be honest

But I find the sense of fear to be the fondest

Do I scare you?



If I can’t scare you then nobody should.