“Kill myself”

“Kill myself”

Kill myself

I think I\'ll kill myself

Go back in time

And kill myself

So the one before me can try it once more

Better this time than once before

Kill myself

I think I\'ll kill myself

For the sake of timely travel

So that differently may it unravel

For the things I’ve done and have yet to do

I think I’ll kill myself

Which should be of no concern to you

Not out of anger or deep despair

But out of longing self repair

Don’t look for a note

You’ll never find one

Don’t cry for me

For I’ll be back

Before you know it

And time will crack

Like window panes

And shattered glass

And before you know it

No time will pass

So I’ll kill myself

And it\'s settled

Let the time continuum

Never be disheveled.