We were trapped

It was on that fateful day,

That my beloved nation was betrayed.

Broken into three chunks,

To be controlled by those three behemoths.

We became trapped.


In 1914, those three behemoths,

Now larger than before,

Declared war on each other.

And THEIR war would be fought on MY soil.

Many of my people enlisted,

For the armies of the Behemoths.

Hoping that if they fought on one side,

The other would fall.

And my nation would be free once more.

But even then,

We were still trapped.


Years later,

And all the behemoths have collapsed.

In the place of the first,

The first country under the grip of Communism.

In place of the second,

Are the two nations that once controlled an empire,

Now separated.

In place of the last,

Is the nation,

That is blamed for this war entirely.

And from the rubble,

Came a land,

My beloved land, 

That is now once more recognised as a country.

We were free once more.


And now,

Years later,

Two of those nations have returned,

To once again rob me and my people,

Of our free will.

We were trapped once again.


Yet another World conflict later,

And now we lay behind Stalin\'s Iron Curtain.

We are trapped,

My country infected with the cancer that is Communism.


This Bolshevik rule,

Finally ended oh so many years later.

My father tells me about it often.

To be proud of my nation.

We were trapped for over 250 years,

Under the grip of multiple oppressors.

Yet we still managed to pull through.


We lost many brave souls,

Who fought until their last breath to see a free Poland live.

But they never lived to see it.

I will forever thank those,

Who gave their lives for my country to be free.

Free from any foreign oppressors.

What the enemy takes from us,

We shall retrieve at saber point.


Poland has not perished yet,

As long as we are alive.