Tears of Katyn

These times passed,

Were forgotten to History.

When our brothers fought for our nation,

They hoped we would turn out better.


One after the other,

Gave their full name.

And one bullet to their heads.

That was it.


They didn\'t die with honor.

They were lined up in front of a ditch,

And were slaughtered like animals.

Did the skies cry on those forsaken Spring days?

Did they see the horrors the Bolshevik scum was committing?

The forest lay silent,

As they dug the ditches into the dirt.


One last question they were asked.

One last answer they gave.

And they\'d soundlessly collapse into the mass grave,

With a hole right through their head.


They lay motionless,

Among their closest friends.

All murdered by the NKVD.

Never to see their families again.

Never to utter a word again.


Those Communist mother fuckers,

Even dared to say,

That they didn\'t do this,

When the Germans uncovered the graves.


Only those who came after the USSR,

Admitted publicly to this crime.

Yet many still weren\'t aware of this.

And today I am letting you here know.


Katyn, 1940.

The year and location where the NKVD,

Executed more than 20,000 Polish nationalists.

To then cover it up.


The war may be long over,

But we will never forgive.

We will never forget.

We will always remember.