\"Sorrowful Death\"

The gun that killed Stephen Von Stratten,
Took everything he had.
It took his entire future,
He was about to be a dad.

He never saw it coming
And tried his best to live.
But the bullet wouldn’t stop,
It’s not very cooperative

His daughter grew up well
But never got the chance
To have the greatest man
At the father/daughter dance.

She spent her whole life
Wondering what could\'ve been
This never would have happened
If it was for the break-in

The mother blamed herself
And couldn\'t comprehend
Why her ignorant husband
Had to try and win

He thought he should be brave
And be the stronger man
But nothing he could do
Would bring him home again

He never should have fought.
The man would have his assets
But at least he’d be around
To see his life\'s regrets

Now his family is hurt,
And broken to the core
But nothing can be done
To change what he has bore