Ljuden och Tystnaden

Every morning

Every night

the warm blanket keeps me at rest

feeling easy

feeling at peace

but every awoken hour

every minute i have my eyes open

it scares me

i can\'t sleep

neither do i want to wake up

i rather sleep


start looking out the window

every morning i keep myself under the warm blankets

because it makes me feel safe and warm

the empty inside me

is something i don\'t want to deal with

every morning you wake up


feel that empty side of you

the feeling to leave your bed


leave your room


to leave your home

every time i sleep

i want to continue sleeping

every time i\'m awake

i want to continue to be awake

i can\'t choose both

but yet i want to have both

to being sleep deprived 

to being a sleepy head 

i can\'t decide i neither want

to leave my bed


neither do i want to miss the chance

having decisions to make

is not the easiest

being a leader of a group

is not the easiest

hearing the silence make me feel at ease

but lonely

hearing the noises make me feel insane

but yet company

having a balanced world

is like

taking away half of the glass

and say

is it half full?


is it half empty?

is both

but yet we say one of them


why does it feel so quiet?


why does it feel so loud?


i guess i\'m not the one decides that 

i guess i just have to go with the flow


see what lifes takes me

even when its hard to go up from bed

even when its hard to deal with friends

even when its hard to deal with everything


i have my words and i have my eyes

i use them 

because i need them

without them

we are nothing


the silence aint that bad some times

neither is the noises


so i guess i just have to keep smiling 


move on