\"We three Kings of Orient are,

Bearing gifts we travel afar.

Field and fountain, moor and mountain,

Following the yonder star!\"

                        - A Christmas Carol.


Named Casper, Melchior and Balthasa, @

The Three Wise Men Came from the East,

Traveling West guided by a bright star,

To seek out the child born under this lucky star,

And to pay homage and before him kneel,

For He was to become the Savior and the King!

They brought him precious gifts of Gold, Frankincense

and Myrrh, -

Which were also Symbolic gifts by far!


Gold was the gift for royalty always,

For the baby Jesus was to become the uncrowned King

one day.

Frankincense as a soothing perfume was really good,

Which symbolised Jesus\' later priesthood.

Myrrh as an embalming ointment was being used,

By the early Egyptians as a preservative perfume.

This gift of myrrh was like a breath of new life in the

midst of prevailing gloom.

While symbolizing His suffering and crucifixion,

And also leading to His final resurrection;

Thereby saving mankind from their sinful affliction.


So friends when you celebrate Christmas this year,

Let us with love bring hope and good cheer.

And help to wipe out those sorrowing tears,

By giving gifts to our destitute children and bless,

Since we tend to forget them always.

Let our gifts become a true symbol, -

HIS kindness and love let them resemble!


A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! - From Raj Nandy of New Delhi.


NOTES: @ One 8th Century AD manuscript says the these three \'wise men\' were 

astrologers who had known about the birth of Jesus. So they followed the Bright Star

shining over Bethlehem in Judea, ruled by the lunatic King Herod. Gospel of Mathews 

tell us that Herod told these \'wise men\' to inform him about the location of the baby.

But having been forewarned by a dream, these three \'wise men\' returned by a

different route. MYRRH was being used by the Egyptians in the 5th century BC, as an

incense & as a perfume for body ointment, but mostly for embalming and preservation.