Coffee Mornings & Evening Drinks

I always thought it’d be you.

When I’d wake up to your phone calls and
You’d ask me to meet you before college.
We’d go get a coffee together
Talk about our thoughts
Have some decent conversations and
That’s what’d motivate us.

Our 18th birthdays would come around and
We’d reminisce our younger days.
Maybe go out for a few drinks cause
We’d be allowed.

I always thought it’d be us,
United States,
I guess you could say we were united,
Together, pretty strong I suppose.

Me and you, huh?
Mew, haha,
My cats do miss you.
Remember the first time you came over?
You ran to them and made the most stupid noises.
They loved it.
Where’d you go?

But it’s funny, because
I’m lying here and I can’t message you
I see you around and we don’t talk
We haven’t even reached our coffee mornings
And our evening drinks
It’s sad.

I’m sad.
Are you sad?
They’re all happy,
Guess they didn’t like us.
Not us, but what we had.
But I’ll call that us,
Because that’s what ‘us’ was.

We’ll never reach our
Coffee mornings
And our
Evening drinks
But I miss them
I miss them already.

Do you?