midnight drive

The Ocean

So with your hand in mine, I\'ll tell you this lie
That I\'ll always be fine
Because you\'re happy but that\'s not true unless you\'re mine.
While you find fortress held in another\'s embrace.
I\'ll watch from the distance and try to fight these waves.
These waves that swallow me whole and take over my fragile mind.
And I\'ll let the water fill my chest just to feel full again, so I have something left other than regret.
I can try to forget, but when you\'re drowning it\'s hard to not get wet.
But you will never know that this sea is a metaphorical manifestation of my ever growing depression and the waves are my lack of self expression.
I can keep telling myself I\'ll find a way, that this is a lesson.
But lying to myself isn\'t the point of my intention