motherly love

Motherly love

where is that motherly love

that fits like a glove

your suppose to have

but you dont give it

you need it more

to love your kids

you think your fit to be a mother

but you never took care of my brother

you want to come back into my life

all its going to do is take me back in time

you think your slick but you dont get me

you were\'nt there but i dont care

i got so much hate but i got pride too

you dont got a clue what it did to me

all that abandonment and replacement

i gave you a chance you shouldve taken it

but the thing is you were too stupid to know

youve been gone 17 years

doesnt make up for the fears

crying for you but you were too busy drinking beers

who knows what else youre doing

but your not fooling me

with your fake lies and smiles

it kills me to know you now

my heart is breaking and aching

half of me missing

were is that motherly love

that your suppose to show

you told me you love me

but we both know you dont

where were you through all the pain and suffering

dont you know why we dont want you around

yeah your always gunna be are mom

but you were never mine

throughout time

people say i look like you

but i dont think so

how can i call you mom

when your a stranger

that always put me in danger

calling everyone elseyour kid instead of us

you just get rid of the things you dont want

so how do you expect us to trust

when were all grown up in the soul

but are hearts are like coal

just becouse of you mom

suprised i can still call you that

even thoe i look at you with disgust

becouse you like when men beat you

but now its time to let me defeat you

enough of the pain, suffering and heartaches

mom i forgive you with all my heart

or whats left of it

cuz ima grown girl

i dont need you now

as much as i did back then

honestly im better without you

becouse all your going to do is bring me down

but that doesnt matter cuz i found

what i was looking for

down in my core

where theres lovev

i can give and reseave finally