With Jesus On My Side

In nine-teen ninety,

I was two years old.

We move from Miami,

because of the bullet holes.

Although I was just a baby,

I made it out alive.

That was because,

I had Jesus on my side.

Ninety to ninety-six,

was not to much to reep.

We moved to west Broward,

where, back then, the kkk was deep.

They kicked my brother out of private school,

in nineteen-ninety-nine.

The only person I had,

was the Lord by my side.

I left shortly after.

I was back with my brother every day.

From private to public school,

was a transition phase.

In two thousand and one,

New York was bombed without knowing why.

Over one thousand deaths and years passed,

with Jesus by our side.

I was baptised and recieved,

in two thousand and three.

That is because Jesus,

is always with me.

When I was fourteen,

in two thousand and two,

my brother was on the path,

to getting locked up behind doors.

I started doing the same thing,

back in two thousand and five,

but I made it by,

having Jesus On my side.

My brother winded up,

changing his life.

He made it through prison,

with God on his side.

So I\'ll skip over,

to two thousand and nine.

I was baptised in the Jordan,

with the Holy Spirit on my side.

Now there is no names involved,

in this poem I write,

but it all could come true,

with Jesus on his side.