Leaking Light

A Sinking Feeling

I\'m climbing, slowly, but making progress.

The top is getting closer,

The stairs feel less steep than they once felt.


After all this time things seem to be improving.

I\'m cautiously optimistic, but start increasing in speed.

I\'m running as fast as I can, the top is so close!


Then suddenly, without warning, the stairs turn to quicksand.


The once tall staircase slowly melts to the floor,

Taking me down with it.

As it flattens to ground level I notice, I\'m still sinking.


I thought I\'d fall back to where I was,

But now I\'m sinking lower than I knew I could.

I don\'t know what to do.


I want to panic frantically and call for help,

There\'s no point though.

The only ones in earshot are no help, too busy.


I just accept my fate,

Hoping that once I hit the bottom I\'ll find a way back up,

Or maybe find someone that can help me.