My mother is a funny gal,
She\'s smart and full of wit.
So I thought i\'d write about her
Just a little bit.

She wakes at the crack of dawn,
Each and every day.
\'The sun is up so i am up\'
Is what i\'d hear her say!

She loves things neat and tidy,
She\'s got a touch of ocd.
I\'d miss like half a show
Whilst she\'s dusting the tv.

Horror movies are her favourite,
She\'ll take coffee over tea.
Except on a Friday nights,
It\'s a wee vodka with our Susie.

Oh she loves a bit of shopping,
And buying gifts aswell.
She\'s kind and full of stories,
Oh the crackers she does tell.

She tells me she\'s just minding me,
That i\'m from outerspace.
My real mom\'s just fixing her spaceship,
Oh you put some smile on my wee face.

Full of jokes and full of heart,
And a little bonkers too.
I\'m never surprised to come home
And find the house decorated new.

And hey she\'s tough also you know,
This woman will stand her ground.
She\'d go to the end of the earth,
To keep her loved ones safe and sound.

Her first name is Catherine,
But everyone calls her Dale.
One thing that i\'m sure of is
She\'s an extraordinary female.

She does things thought impossible,
She never fails to amaze me.
As a single mum of three girls,
My sisters will both agree.

She raised us all and by herself,
Janice, Marlene and me.
Always and forever,
My world, mother hen will be.

And a little extra verse or few,
Just so that she knows
Mama, girl I love you,
And every day, that love just grows.

For all of my rollercoaster life,
You have been my strong backbone.
Thankyou for every single thing
And never leaving me alone.

For the rest of all our days,
Whatever we go through.
Know, you will be stuck with me,
Side by side, I promise you.