the first time i fell in love

i remember touching your skin and I felt
like my life was complete and even as i’m typing this
i can tune out my entire family and go back to the exact moment I fell in love with you as said in my bed that was gross and unmade because i’m disgusting but I saw you pretending to be asleep and I was playing with your hair that was so soft but we were level head and I was just looking at your lips and thinking of all the ways I could kiss them all the ways I could do this for the rest of my life all the ways that I would do anything to kiss this girl forever you were lying on your stomachs and you were so innocent and pure and I knew I could love you maybe not easily but always forever you made the angels look ugly god I loved you and I was at the letter s while tracing my name across your skin and I just thought to myself I am in love with her god I am so in love with I could never lose her she has become my entire heart I love her that’s all that went though my mind I knew I was in too deep and it scared me to death later on but in the moment I didn’t care she had me and I was in love with that i was so in love and I don’t know if it’s because i’m high but i can remember that moment perfectly whenever someone asks me if i’ve ever been in love
I don’t think of who you are now I think of what we were then and all the things we could have been