Jayce Elliot

Under Water

By: Jayce Elliot

I can’t seem to breathe when I’m around you I guess that’s just a perk of falling for someone so deeply That your whole world starts to fill up with water And you’re drowning but you don’t fight it you’re just too tired Tired of living in a world that isn’t truthfully yours Surrounding yourself with an empty suitcase and nowhere to go Knowing you’re bad for me isn’t enough to convince me to let go My grasp on you is tighter than my heart attached to my chest And that’s not even what scares me most of all The fact that you love me too is honestly what shatters me I’m like glass and everything you do is bubbly The sound of everything else around me is fogged your voice is the only sound I can hear Canceling everything and everyone out the moment you walked into my messy life Your a weapon and I try so hard to fight the urge to care but I can’t You set something off in me that I didn’t even know was there And you drive me insane Even just standing next to you for too long is hard to control I can’t help coming back for more when I’m fully aware you’re my poison Every time I glimpse the sight of your face I know that you’ll be the end of me And that someday I’ll drown and you won’t be there to make me fight and I’ll stay underwater forever and you won’t even think twice