A blanket

Safe, Loving, Desire

A force so high in value 

Kings, workers, all men combined

Through the cacophony of this world it spreads eternal peace

But at what price?


A blanket

Unharmed, peace, a fatal attraction

A willing suspension of belief

Protection against all forces

Yet blinding to what\'s to come

If not used right

Then is there a point to it?


A blanket

Pain, an altercation, an adversity of truth

For when it falls, the flying daggers hit

Those which once protected

Now forfront the fights

What we don\'t know doesn\'t hurt us

Yet the denile will always catch up

Why should I bother?


A blanket

Playing with fire

While it may bring peace, love and happiness

The viper will strike if poked insistently

Be careful

After all, you never know what you\'ve got

Until its gone