I am a ticking time bomb
Set to implode only on you
You see
I was created like that in your womb
9 long months of precise wiring and mixing of potent chemicals
Only to be born a beautiful flame
You loved every inch of my being
But the problem is that you only loved what you saw
A 4 pound 3 ounce blue eyes babygirl
A Miracle you called me
Not knowing what would become of us
Years passed by and you met someone special
Only he was special for you
No more room for the love you had given me
But how did we get to this place so dark not one light could ever be seen
How could such vial things fall from such a beautifully crafted mouth
Tell me
How does one fight for your love when you\'ve given it all away forgetting about your own flesh
It\'s like you flipped a switch in me and neither one of us can turn it off
Instead we stew in hatred with no intention of getting outta the pot only staying to occasionally stir and season it
But tell me when you look in the mirror what do you see?
Have you ever stopped and wondered what I see?
Your eyes, your mouth, your way of thinking
The negativity oozing outta me
The twisted neglected self harming way of love pounding in my chest
The broken pieces I\'ve misplaced trying to understand why we are the way we are
The only explanation I could conjure is that the day you birthed me was also the day you murdered me