Autumn May

My Daytime Nightmare

Sorrow fills my eyes at night.

My mind is filled to the top with fright

Scream\'s awake me from my sleep 

Making my heart start to beat

My sweet dreams now are broken

Hateful words have been spoken

My mind is filled with others hate

Not going to last long at this rate

Been called names to many times

When is it going to cross the line

The pain lies right behind my eyes

Hidden behind a smile that lies

My laugh you hear hides my fears

The smile you see holds back tears

Tears are now my lullaby

My bed is now my alibi

Darkness makes me feel alive

It\'s the only thing that hasn\'t lied

Unwanted thoughts run through my mind

Things I hope to forget in time

My past is pulling me to my knees 

I just want to be Free