Aa Harvey

A no answer machine

A no answer machine



Our basic instincts are to find love and run through the woods.

From the tree’s we climb down to walk like a man;

No longer on all fours.

Now we do not need to give thanks, for the food we have;

We deserve to be full.

All beautiful art fades eventually,

As we all become too dull.



No more to say…

I let it all just slide away.

Nothing will be relevant on the final day.

Keeping up with the Joneses;

Mobile phones are diseases.

Conversation is dead;

Only speak if it pleases.



Couple’s councilor, I could not manage to go.

So come or go, or let me go, if you think that I would care.

Love is not amazing anymore,

I would say it is just so, so.

Why would I bother speaking to you, when you are no longer there?



Phone on silent;

She is a no answer machine.

No reply necessary;

The end of the dream.



(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.