Blank Page

Words fill my head

But can\'t fill the page

I have so much I want to say

And don\'t know how to say it

Writers block?


More like mind block

It feels like my brain is cramping 

It\'s squeezing tighter 

And tighter

And tighter

And all my thoughts are stuck inside

Unable to escape

Panic rises in me

As I realize I have no way to express myself now

Talking won\'t work;I\'m bad at speaking my feelings out loud

Art won\'t work; even my stick figures look crappy

Music won\'t work; I\'m not talented enough to write songs and melodies

Poems are my only form of release, relieve, and communication

I sit here in my chair

Hovering my pen above the blank page in front of me

Desperately trying to get my

Thoughts and feelings to pour out

A frustrated sigh escapes my lips

I stand in defeat, crumple the paper into a tiny ball, and throw it into the trashcan

Maybe I\'ll try again tomorrow