Accidental Poet

The Foul Mouthed Troll


A feisty little critter

The foul mouthed Troll

Jealousy consumes him

He who has no soul


He must envision himself

A handsome hunky stud

When out from under a rock

He slithered out as Ephram Crud


Drooling and spitting

As he speaks

Babblings of useless nonsense

His breath of filth it reeks


Profanity and insults

His only language

Born from parents

Of breeding anguish


His goal to

Dishearten respected masses

But instead he brings disrespect

To his own species of asses


Angry at the world

For denying his wealth

And blaming society

For his own poor health


Go through life Mr. Crud

As you wish

However don’t expect

Your life so grandish


Life is to be lived

Love and respect to be earned

What goes around comes around

Leaving the guilty as burned


Give what you give

And get what you get

But don’t be surprised if you’re

The losing end of the bet


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2018