\"Difficult Journey\"

The death that takes a hold

Can suddenly rush in

Tearing two lives apart

That never got to win


The world is never fair

Doesn\'t pretend to be

But there is love beyond

This life has got to see


Time has ripped out the light

And will do it again

But if the fight goes on

Maybe the good can win


The struggle will go on

As it\'s intended to

And hopefully one day

The love will be brand new


The family is apart

But time still moves forward

Love can\'t mend everything

But guides the world shoreward


The son was hurt the worst

And maybe never heal

But hope is all there is

And not the most ideal


There is so much he has

For if he\'d only look

But love is not his suit

So he must find his nook


He leaves his family there

Without a thought in mind

Believing it\'s the best

Not seeing he is blind


His sister is the op

Trying to be the right

Seeing the good in all

Not giving up the fight


She\'s hurting just as well

For she had gotten close

Seeing him at his worst

Then everything had froze


The difference had been

She hadn\'t let that stop

Her strength from being drained

And her morals to slop


Both are broken inside

Dealing in their own ways

Trying to be their best

Just getting through the days


The Darkness knew the cost

Of taking what they loved

But the sister will brawl

Until she becomes gloved


Brother has given up

And doesn’t seem to care

That all is crumbling down

While mom becomes despair


Sister tries to be there

To guide her through the dark

But one is not enough

To wake a person’s spark


Mom falls down a spiral

And doesn’t seem to quit

One moment she seems fine

The next she’s in a fit


Sister can not take this

No matter how she tries

Love\'s to be there for her

But only causes cries


She lends her hand to help

But struggles to hold on

Knowing she’ll never live

She pulls the curtains drawn


Brother should help with mom

But he has so much pain

He can not handle hers

Would only be in vain


Mother needs someone else

To light her way at night

But husband is too weak

To understand her plight


Sister is who she has

And maybe that’s okay

Who said love was easy

And that may change some day