He googles something,

sits me down.

Asks me 

“Are you here right now?”


”How many people 

do you really think are gay?”

None of my answers

he deems okay.


0.8% Of Americans

are pan or bi.

He says there’s no way I’m part of that,

my life is a lie.


”You’re to young to know!”

”How can you even tell?”

”You shouldn’t have a sex drive yet.”

Am I living in hell?


People have it worse than me,

I already know.

So why do I feel

Like I’m about to explode?


It’s like he’s saying

I was born a sin.

It isn’t fair to want 

better kin?


Family doesn’t mean you have to love them.

Brotherhood doesn’t mean you have to trust them.


You call me a liar?

I need to repent?

You can’t change my mind

I’m in that 0.8%.