Aa Harvey

Nothing hurts like love

Nothing hurts like love



I have tried to always be there.

I have tried to help you with your stupid hair!

I have tried to care…

But I don’t.



I have tried to see our future, to see through.

I have tried to share with you all my truths.

I have tried to love you too…

But I don’t.



Down every river there flows a course.

I think I want a divorce.

We are not married, but we are us.

I think it’s time I took a better shot at love.



I just don’t see my life being with yours.

I just don’t think about the two of us.

I just don’t think I can carry on.

You have broken my heart and stolen my trust.



I no longer believe.

I can no longer be,

A part of your stupid story!

I should say sorry…


But I won’t.



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