I\'m honest from all my heart

I\'m honest from all my soul

I\'m honest from all my thoughts

I will not lie, I will not trick you


I will not do something foolish

when I\'m honest I\'m serious

when I\'m serious you speak honest and clearly to me

I listen to every word you say

because I wanna understand you

because I want to help you in anyway possible

I will listen no matter what the time of date it is

I will keep you company if you feel lonely 

I will speak if you need advice

I\'m honest and so i will stay

I will admit anything for you to feel safer

I want you to feel better

I want you to smile

I want you to be happy

every smile 


every laughter

is enough to make Me smile

is enough to make Me happy

if my friends and my people are happy

then I\'m honest that i will tell the truth


be happy

I don\'t mind anything

I don\'t mind my time flying away

just aslong as i know you are safe and happy.