Labor Yielded Lustrous Lovely Lass

our second of two lasses conceived

sometimes within a blink

the exact moment auguring conception

difficult to identify or pinpoint


whence seminal liquid

ejaculated from a phallic chink

birth of second daughter thyself and spouse created

while immersed in the coital drink


generally occurred during

our naked lunch sans primal cop

yule la shun, via carousing with amorousness

when a seminal dollop

of passion circa May 1998 that pregnant verity

became definitive when the ultrasound

evinced a miniscule glop


pronounced by obstetrician and gynecologist

with an impending due date

yet unpredictable until the wife did evince

a swelling abdominal area, an ordinary fate


once pregnancy without doubt

ascertained both of felt great

lee excited at prospect thee eldest

would become “big” sister,


which less than total devoted attention

she would naturally hate

upon begetting youngest punim

indubitably saw her (Eden) irate


yet any jealousy temporarily deferred, offset

and thwarted upon the birth

of Shana, whose anniversary

she exited birth canal when a dearth


of being cocooned in the womb

suddenly necessitated adjusting to life on Earth

when formerly inducing

a bulge within the uterine hearth


and this papa nearly nineteen years

wept tears of joyful delight

with a complete set of anatomical features,

and gender as the girl found wife excite

head, cuz decision asper circumcision,


a moot point re difficult conscience fight

club and prediction as per average adult height

of female progeny, number two found the sight

a biologically whipped miracle I held tight.