My Year

My year
Written by
Reverend Joshua Edward Loburak
Part One

Sitting here at
Penn foundation
Waiting to see my doctor
Always running late
As usually
Boy I’m ready for bed
It’s starting to get dark
Outside alrighty
What a surprise
When I go in his office
He falls asleep on me
I wait I wait just to see him
When I get in to see him
Seems likes I’m right out
Never enough time to talk about whats on my mind
Same ole stuff asked every time
Same answers given
I wish there were new questions
And brand new answers as well
It’s a brand new year
Has made there New Years revaluation
Mine could be a lot of things
But it’s different this year
Every year I ask for something
Or make a promise and never comes true
This year is gonna be different
It’s gonna come true
It’s gonna be my year
The weather has been crazy
Now it’s hot feels just like summer time
Oh boy oh boy what a day
I guess tomorrow it’s gonna be back
To freezing
Until spring apears
Waiting for the flowers
To come back alive
Making everything beautiful again
There’s alway someone who wrecks it all
With there poluction
With there big mouths
Somebody always has to wreck the day
No surprise here
No surprise there
I’m so used to it anymore
Let’s get back to my pain
And my suffering
I can barely walk
I can barely stand
walking with a cane
Wearing a back belt
Used to use a walker
I’ve tried tens unit
It hurts so much
The medication doesn’t work
The injections don’t work
Nothing seems to help
The pain I feel everyday
Every night
Hurts me so much
I try to sleep but I can’t
I toss n turn
All night long