A Revival Is...

We\'ve heard about them,

in few history books.

Now in this generation,

they get overlooked.

If I ask a person, what a revival is,

if they have ever heard of the word,

they\'ll simple say,

it\'s when lot\'s of people get together,

once a year to have \'all day church\'.

Today, when people go to revivals,

it last about three days.

You brag to everybody,

that you went to the revival,

but had no idea what the preacher had to say.

If I ask what happens at a revival,

some might say that\'s the preacher yells,

and others catch the Holy ghost,

while they sing praises as well.

Sadly though, they are misinformed.

That is not a revival.

One revival should last a whole generation.

So we could live our life on the Bible.

Some say that we,

are living in the last days,

but do not know,

that revival actually means change.

Accept the Lord and be saved,

and carry out his mission.

Learn how to pray.

Oh, and when the preacher preaches,


So if you did not know before,

that\'s what a revival is.