Don\'t leave

You have us eating out the palm of your hand,

It hurts when you leave so we bring you back.

Whatever you do we forgive,

Because you’re our friend and that’s what friends do.


Right? Tell us we’re right

Of course we’re right, friends look out for each other.

Friends don’t leave each other behind,

That’s why we’ll always be here for you


Welcome back, have a nice break?

We’re sorry we weren’t good enough for you

I swear we’ll do better next time

Just give us another chance


Are you in the hospital? Injured? A fight?

They were in the wrong, you were right

You can’t be wrong

Hope you get better soon


Are you angry? Please calm down

Don’t leave again; I’m sorry we’ll do better

Its ok, we’ll be here waiting

We’ll wait for you for as long as it takes


Because that’s what friends do