Vampire\'s Kiss

The sky was tinged with brilliant shades of orange and red.

Halloween, the priest was weary and anxious in his head.

The howling wind eerily echoed in his ear,

Speedily the priest rode on horseback to the ghosts that beckoned near.

The mansion stood forlornly in the bitter October air,

The thought of the exorcism, filled the priest with trepidation and despair.

Inside, he nervously entered the House of Death,

Pondering his fate with the demons, he took a deep breath.

Suddenly the beautiful goddess appeared adorned in white,

Auburn-haired, hazel eyed beauty illuminated by the subdued candlelight.

Seducing the priest passionately she held him in a warm embrace,

Helpless, he succumbed with desire on his face.

Her ivory sharp white teeth glistened; through his neck she took a delicious bite,

Delirious in her arms he struggled to fight.

In unity, they flew in the vibrant Halloween skies above,

A couple united in daring, demonic love.

Never before had the priest encountered such emotional bliss,

He was spellbound by a vampire temptress and her electrifying kiss.