Mariana Lorentz

An unperfect pair

Take a perfect pair

Pair them up in two,

Prepare a perfect ceremony

Now watch and see what they do.


They\'ll try to make it work 

But as most people do

They\'ll end up picking a fight

And one split ends in two.


\"For the kids\", they say \"for the kids\"

Since they\'ve already made a couple.

But will this be enough to justify their actions

Or have they just run into a bit of trouble?


Trouble, i\'d say, is the right term

Though I might sound a bit conflicted

For after all the trouble they have caused,

Is it enough of a term for the pain they\'ve inflicted?


These kids afore mentioned will be the living souvenirs

Of a union that didn\'t last much more than a few years.


\"Poor children\" will be the way others will refer

To their kids when brought up in conversation

\"So many years since the big split, 

Yet they haven\'t been given the proper foundation.\"


So before you go and say your vows

Make sure you will stay true to them

For not everything that is seemingly perfect 

Is seamlessly perfect in the end.