Gary Edward Geraci

One In the Same Flock


Of goats and sheep, the goats He will reject.
So sanctify work; work but not harder.
His will and mine aligned - hearts work faster;
This lie is that we must do more and more
Is from this world’s banished prince the devil!
Lord, Savior, you called me to be a saint.

Smooth paths are for the sinner not the saint.
False notions and potentials I reject,
That I’ve sinned too greatly; from the devil.
Like dried, sun baked clay I make it harder:
My morning prayers; I must do ten more;
Poor urge to post one last, to post faster.

God did not ask that we move all faster,
A life of love like Christ’s is for the saint.
That I don’t fast enough; that I need more,
Like a cancer the soul does reject.
That it is not easier but harder,
This fallen nature is from the devil.

Envy is one demon of the devil;
To return calm and joy, peace comes faster.
To stay and pray, evil must try harder.
Through sting and hurt; just to love like a saint.
Christ the King; He came to save not reject;
Heaven found, faith and hope will be no more.

Burnout begins because what bears is more
Hate filled; I have become like the devil.
To choose in freedom, accept or reject:
A long bearded goat does not grow faster;
Fed to the lions, both martyr and saint.
To win this race run wiser, pray harder.

If His good doctrine makes armor harder,
Then orthodoxy is not less but more.
“He did rise up!” proclaims saint after saint;
“Tempted without ease!” admits the devil.
With the growth of the tree’s fruit now faster;
Three, steel strand cables, wound, wont reject.

I reject with joy that all must be harder,
The “faster” allure and promise of more:
Devil ploys; cools not the love of the saint.

- Gary Edward Geraci