Jordy L G

Would you?

Would you call it a mistake, or say it was destiny? 

Would you look at your reflection and count the flaws or see beauty? 

Would you accept the change in time, or pause and rearrange a puzzled piece? 

Would you be brave enough to ride the wave of life, wear a contagious smile, happy as can be? 

Would you have an aura beaming brighter than a lighthouse over sea? Over seeing negativity soaring high above the trees. 

Would you offer a helping hand to a human being who\'s in need, or would you take a chance with karma hoping good things fall at your own two feet? 

Would you be forgiving towards an apology with deepful meaning, or would you hold a grudge against a person who\'s heart is sincere but now is bleeding?

Would you give up on a dream people start questioning with ambiguity, or would you focus on the goal you have set with confidence and continue on believing? 

Whichever route we choose to take, the path which we are leading, comes down to choices, decisions and opportunities we took to build our soul that\'s breathing.

Rewind or resume, which would you?