The Reapers Game


Slipping closer to the end
With every breath I take
Coming apart at the seems
The reaper is hard to shake

I have withered and grown worn
Time is taking it\'s toll
Rapidly fading into nothing
My childhood has been stole

I thought I was eternal
I thought I\'d never die
I was told I could be anything
If I would only try

The future has become the present
I\'m no longer in my prime
I have never achieved my dreams
And I\'m running out of time

How can I be happy?
When I\'m inevitably going to cease
I see the vultures start to gather
Waiting for they\'re feast

I will become nothing more
Than an infested mound
Making a new home
In the cold wet ground

I feel deaths boney hand on my shoulder
Every time I quiver in pain
I know that I will not win
When I play the reapers game

By LukeCoomer ©