Autumn May


Always something on my mind

Barely able to find the time

Can\'t always seem to find the light

Don\'t know if I can win this fight

Escape away from all my troubles

Free my mind from all its puzzles

Give myself another way

Hoping for a better day

Ignore the overwhelming obstacles

Just breathe you promised it is possible

Kindness now has gone away

Leaving me to live in fear

Many others just like me

Others rancor can make me sad

Put on a smile like I am glad

Quit worrying about the little things

Raise my head and spread my wings

Spontaneously jump and start to fly

Traveling far to touch the sky

Use my wings to help me see

Visualize who I want to be

Wish it now

Explaining how

You know I\'m going to achieve

Zeroing in on how to breathe