Shay Black

A Moon For Two

At night we sit alone in our rooms,

But not on a bed,

Our minds unravel and there we sit,

On the Moon\'s head.

We look down to the people below,

just heads and hairs,

And see that tonight with a sky full of stars,

We\'re fishing for prayers.

One prayer about you and one prayer about me,

With a prayer and a plea,

Maybe someday you’ll bring me along,

when you fall to the sea.

We’re all alone on top of this rock,

And you look relaxed,

Looking at you makes my heart stutter,

And my worries collapse.

So we reach in our bags for a little hook,

Ripping off some bait,

Hoping to maybe cast out a line,

That would expose our fates.

What are we hoping to catch you might ask,

On this calm night,

Hopefully something pleasant and sweet,

Without a harsh fright.

Although you may think it’s just you and me,

It’s not what it seems,

Everybody all over the world,

Goes fishing for dreams.

Each sitting on their own stars in the sky,

But not me and you,

Every night we sit and fish all we like,

On top of the moon.

I know you’re scared looking down from this high,

So think of this rhyme,

As long as you have me holding your hand,

You’ll be just fine.

And now that I sit up here with just you,

Look at the view,

I can’t help thinking all alone to myself,

I love you.