the scared piece of paper

I sit in a notepad
Amongst my alike thin paper friends
Wandering what my purpose is
wandering what I’m doing here
why so many reflections
why so many pieces of me
I don’t understand
Pieced together
On top of me
underneath me
I’m me with more of me
But I don’t understand my purpose here
Is it to be amongst friends
Of the same likeness
Or is it to be pulled away
Left lonely, frightened
Without my thin paper friends
By my side
I wish I knew
I want to know
Scared because I do not know
What will happen to me
Will I be left
In this notepad
Supported by my hundred friends
Or will someone take me away
Pull me away
No regard for me
Or my friends wanting me to stay
I want to know
Will I be left to live happily, amongst reflections of me
Or will someone take me away
Pull me away from my dearest and only friends
I don’t know
I do not want them to
I wish I’d be left, where I’m happy
Content amongst my friends
But I have no control
It’s out of my hands
Or least it would be if I had any hands