On Second Thought

    I try to bury my insecurities behind these scars no one sees. I try sobbing out my emotions by writing down my feelings. Burying my face in the sheets, crying behind closed doors and wetting up my pillows. Black rings around my eyes cause\' my mascara got smudged all from cryin\' too much.

    Yelling into the pillow even though no one cares to hear me. Am I alone? Please tell me this ain\'t what it comes down to! Who can I run to? Can I trust you? These open wounds continue to hold me back. Communication; that field you tend to lack. Wanting you to be as understanding as me, don\'t let me fall flat on my face, my spirit should be lifted, you shouldn\'t be shamed to put me in my place. Behind that smile you see coming from me, holds in way too many secrets you see... knocked down so many times, yet still questioning whether this is where I want to be.