Michael J. Schaeffer

Your Reasons


Your Reasons

You Pushed Me Away. You had Your Reasons Why. Your Reasons were to Start Over. Continuing with a New Life. You Wished It, but Random this is to Me. That\'s Ok. It Took Me a Year or Two to Understand Why. Maybe Even More!??! I don\'t know and don\'t Remember. Coherent at Times. Then Plain and Simply Back at it Again. Intoxication was Pleasing in so Many Ways. It\'s like Bending the Spoon, Space and Time. Futuristic. The Rabbit is Compassionate, Pearly, Animated and Rising to a Vanguard Place. A Form of 7th Heaven. A Fairyland. This is just a Thought that Chants the Perception. I Remember You Cherished Water, Sun and a Good Tan. Our Time was at Night. Monday Threw Sunday and Always in the Twilight. Your Relatives and All the Cats. The Rapids were Strong. We Gave it a Strive. Till You Said No More on the Last Time. I Still Understand Why. I Know how People can Be. Treating Others Even when They are just Saying Hi. Not Much has Altered Today. I was just Reflecting on You. I was just Pondering a Hi...