Jordy L G

Inner self

Whenever I find myself lost with uncertainty, I dig deep in my mind and realise how much you are worth to me.

With my hands tied and my back against the ropes, you are the the one spurring me.


When I gave my all to remain grounded with these active landslides, you was the balance to help keep me up right, encouraged me. 


Although most days I felt we was in different dimensions on separate sides of this planet, side by side our heart and soul would be and remain for the rest of eternity.


Whenever my throat and chest tightened you relieved me and gave me a breathe of brief freedom within.


The times I have been frightened you filled me with such overwhelming peace which seemed to be an escape for me when I was numb and struggling, the shadows of my spirit were enlightened by such a lifting breeze.


A leaf in the wind, a balloon floating out of reach.


You are that voice and guidance to bring the best out of me, therefore your honesty and advice means that much more to me.


You have never given up on me and we have grown into such a forceful team.


Some days when the silence seems to speak more than words can achieve, you would understand and sat back respectfully, it helped me connect to my secluded dreams. 


When the pain got too much, poisoned from reality. 

You was the antidote to heal me back to health and divert me away from fatal catastrophes. 


When I close my eyes, it’s then I realise, we inhabit the same body.


The human being that you are has an inner self, the inner strength of a warrior.


I guess in that sense we are on the same level, you are somebody.