Owen Osborne



Step by step she moves

Towards her goal.

No one there beside her

To help her if she falls

Or falls victim to failure.

Where is he?

She is tired

She is dying.


For years her war is raging.

Against those around

Those who oppose her.


Too much to handle.

Shaking with fear

And crying the tears of pain,

She is fighting for love.

Where is she?

He\'s been searching for ages

For that girl that he loves.

So much love he has for her

But for some reason she doesn\'t realise.

Out of ideas with nothing to do

With no intention of giving up

He carries on looking,

Looking for her.


Everything is relying on this

One chance.

No more if he messes up


Hope is all that remains

Desperate, walking turns into running.

As he searches for the last girl which he loves.

So close now.


At last they have arrived

Both together.

But parallel

So much so - parallel worlds.

Dividing the two forever,

Same place

Same time

Occasionally seeing each other passing by.

But never touching, forever loving.

Always apart but never separate.