Jo Middleton


Drowning my sorrows in music
And out of date prescription pills
When I breathe in I feel my ribs
 Collapsing under tight tight skin
And I can still taste the vitamin in my throat
Is it too early to take another one?

I don\'t need breakfast
I\'m eating my own body weight
When I breathe all I feel is pain
I have a headache coming on
I see him on the sidepath again
Symptoms of an overdose

Take another one, it a not quick enough
I feel confused I\'m not sure why
Are my thighs smaller yet?
I took the bottle just in case
The more the take, the quicker I\'ll break
All the fat inside of me
Be pretty, be pretty.

My hand is shivering but I\'m not cold
Breathing rabid but I\'m not running
I\'m going to sleep yet I\'m not tired
And I\'m dying, I\'m dying,
im fine.