Leigh Cameron

December 24th

              there aren\'t many people of jealous of, but i\'m jealous of my best friend.

see, when she married the man i had first i was fine with that.

        when she became pregnant first, i was fine with that.

when she was five months along i became pregnant, with a bastard child and 

      was going to be a single mother at nineteen.

anyways, i had a miscarriage on august twenty-second.

          she didn\'t hold me and tell me i\'d be okay.

at her baby shower i watched everyone rub her belly, i was fine.

       when i wanted to talk about my loss she changed the subject, again i was fine.

november twenty-eight she had my goddaughter.

we haven\'t talked much.

             i watch her with her baby and i\'m not fine.

she is married to a man that could have been mine with a baby 

      that could have been mine. 

i\'m jealous she has a family and here i\'m still heartbroken over 

      my deadbeat baby daddy and childless!!!






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